Ali Gladwell

Ali Gladwell

Graduate Student

I am a MSc Student with the ACS Lab and am interested in marine networks and using interdisciplinary methods to gain knowledge in how to effectively manage our behaviour in relation to these ecosystems, and improving public education on protecting marine systems.

I am working in conjunction with The Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) as a Research Associate for my thesis. I am focusing my work on the compliance and boater behavior in North East Vancouver Island for Marine Mammal Regulations, with a focus on Humpback Whales and Northern Resident Killer Whales. This work aims to inform DFO regulations and guidelines, and to inform education efforts made by MERS, including to help develop a boater education course specifically targeted to improve our interactions with marine mammals.

I hold a BSc from Dalhousie University in Marine Biology and Indigenous Studies. My research is made possible with the support of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation, the Marine Research and Education Society, NSERC CGS-M Scholarship, and the UVic Geography Department.

d’Entremont K, Zitske LM, Gladwell A, Elliot N, Mauck R, Ronconi R. 2020. Breeding population decline and associations with nest site use of Leach’s Storm-petrels on Kent Island, New Brunswick from 2001-2018. Avian Conservation and Ecology 15(1):11.

Gladwell A, d’Entremont K, McFarlane Tranquilla LA, Ronconi R. 2022. Acoustic monitoring of Leach’s Storm-petrels (Hydrobates leucorhous) as an index of nesting density. Preparing for submission to Bioacoustics J.

Ortmann AC, Cobanli SE, Wohlgeschaffen G, Macdonald J, Gladwell A, Davis A, Robinson B, Mason J, King TL. 2020. Measuring the fate of different diluted bitumen products in coastal surface waters. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 153(2020).