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Sylvie Hawkes

Lab Manager and Research Associate

I’m the ACS labs new manager and research associate. This next year I will be assisting the lab’s graduate and PhD students and continuing work on the Bear Project. 

Since graduating in 2021, I’ve spent most of my time with the Nature
Trust of British Columbia’s (NTBC) West Coast Conservation Land Management
Program working alongside community and Nations in maintaining, monitoring, and
restoring wildlife protected areas and conservation areas across Vancouver

I have been fortunate to participate in, and learn from opportunities
supporting the restoration of estuarine channel systems, salmonid monitoring and habitat enhancement, wildlife monitoring, wetland classification and mapping
with the BCWF, and assisting with NTBC’s Estuary Resilience monitoring program
in partnership with Nations across Vancouver Island, the central coast and
Haida Gwaii.

More recently I had the opportunity to work with other wonderful organizations such as the Marmot Recovery Foundation, Project Watershed Society and the Nanaimo Areas Land Trust. Next year I plan to join the Restoration Futures Lab in the Faculty of Environmental Studies for my MSc.

I consider myself a generalist with a special passion for
wetland systems and especially estuaries. I love understanding and supporting ecosystem
resilience with a wholistic approach which is what brought me to the ACS lab. My
passion lies within the intersection of community, culture, and ecological
resilience, which Raincoast and the ACS lab continue to support and uphold in
their research.

I am thrilled to work and learn alongside such a talented
and passionate group of people here at the ACS lab.