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Black bear with salmon in mouth.
Photo by Florent Nicolas

Coastal and Marine Resources

A systematic integration of the biophysical, socioeconomic and policy dimensions of threats and opportunities in coastal areas framed within integrated coastal management. Topics include: fisheries, aquaculture, energy, transportation, recreation and tourism, urban development and marine protected areas. Discusses coastal planning and zoning approaches to balance threats, opportunities and conflicts.

Estuary from above.
Photo by Alex Harris

Field Studies in Coastal and Marine Resources [‘University of Koeye’: Indigenous Knowledge and Science in Resource Management]

Co-taught by Jess Housty (Haíɫzaqv). Integrated coastal management is applied through community-based research. Based on a week-long field camp, discussions, projects and presentations, students gain first-hand experience in both biophysical and socio-economic perspectives of coastal areas. A field trip fee may be applied.

Photo by Andy Wright

Topics in Geography: Geographies of Surfing [Clayoquot Sound Field Semester]

This place-based course will examine the social and physical dimensions of surfing, a prominent and important activity (and lifestyle) in the Tofino area. Social components will include the local and global histories of surfing, as well as the cultural, economic, conservation, and spiritual dimensions. Students will also develop an understanding of how oceanography, geography and climate interact to create favourable surfing conditions. Although no hands-on instruction can be included, students will be supported in pursuing the activity, should that be of interest.