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Applied Conservation Science Lab

Science inspired by nature, people, and place.
Evidence to inform policy.
Outreach to inspire the public.

About Us

Our mission is to develop applied conservation scholars and practitioners whose research informs and empowers environmental managers to make informed decisions based on evidence.
We are dedicated to conceptually interesting and acutely applied research for the benefit of natural and human systems.


The primary way in which our conservation research is applied is via our long-term relationship with the science-based eNGO Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Many students in the Applied Conservation Science Lab are also Raincoast Fellows and scientists.

Head shot of Chris Darimont. He is smiling and wearing a gray wool button down. Forest in the background.

Chris Darimont

Senior Researcher

I am fortunate to be a Professor, Provost’s Engaged Scholar, and the Raincoast Chair of Applied Conservation Science Lab in the Department of Geography at the University of Victoria.

Favouring an interdisciplinary approach, I have been – and continue to be – influenced by a broad network of mentors and collaborators.

I currently teach GEOG 353 (Coastal and Marine Resource Management) and co-teach GEOG 453 with Jess Housty (Haíɫzaqv Nation), a field course integrating western science and Indigenous knowledge.

Our Research

We aim to conduct science inspired by nature, people, and place.

We confront important and urgent problems and opportunities, often identified by the Indigenous Nations with which we partner.

Florent Nicolas

Black bear with salmon in mouth.

Fernado Lessa

School of fish underwater.

Michelle Valberg

Grizzly bear in fog.

With Gratitude

Our research would not be possible without organizations that have invested in our work.

Our lab owes its existence to the foresight and investments of the Raincoast Conservation Foundation and the Tula Foundation, which invested in the first five years of our work (2012-2017).

In 2017, a private family foundation and Raincoast created the Raincoast Chaired Professorship in Applied Conservation Science, which will support our work until 2027, and potentially beyond.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation