Persia Khan

Lab Manager and Raincoast Liaison

I am the Lab Manager for the Applied Conservation Science Lab! 

My relationship with the ACS Lab began during my undergraduate degree at the University of Victoria assisting with the Bear Project. After graduating with a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies (BScHons), I worked as Research Associate with the ACS Lab and Raincoast Conservation Foundation. In this role, I was fortunate to assist on many exciting projects and work as a technician in Heiltsuk Territory for the Bear Project. 

Previously, I have worked across government and non-profit sectors for organizations such as Parks Canada and the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. Recently, I completed my undergraduate Honours thesis under the co-supervision of Dr. Chris Bone and Dr. Jason T. Fisher, where I used camera trap data to analyze temporal niche partitioning amongst competitive ungulate species in the Canadian Rockies. My current research interests include investigating mechanisms for human-wildlife coexistence and the relationship between human recreation and wildlife behaviour.

Outside of the office, I enjoy mountain biking, climbing, and hiking along the coast.

I am so grateful to work alongside this community of scientists and informed advocates!